Ellen DeGeneres Teases Orlando Bloom About His 'Harry Styles' Haircut

The talk show host teases the heartthrob about his do

Yesterday, Orlando Bloom was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the two had some serious business to discuss: His man bob. More specifically, whether or not he is growing it out to look like One Direction’s front man Harry Styles.

Orlando hair

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The verdict: Not so much. “I’m not trying to look like Harry Styles. I’m trying to look like me! But I like Harry,” he explained. As with most actors who switch up their look, the cause of “this mane” (as he called it) is a movie he’s currently filming.

Orlando on Ellen

The Ellen Show

Feeling intrigued by his luscious locks, we reached out to his stylist Lea Journo (who also cuts DeGeneres’s hair! Oh, Hollywood) to get the full scoop on his strands. According to Journo, Bloom (whom she says is incredibly low-maintenance and easy-going) gets his hair trimmed about every five weeks. Aside from a bit of styling lotion to tame his curls, he pretty much just washes his hair and lets it air dry. Journo’s been working with Bloom on sets and for red carpet appearance since before the first Pirates of the Caribbean (and we are pretty jealous that she gets to run her hands through that hair).

Bloom’s still unsure about whether or not he’ll chop off his new do once the film wraps, but since PEOPLE has officially deemed the bob the “haircut of the year,” we totally understand if wants to keep things chic and chin-length.

Do you think that Orlando Bloom’s hair looks like Harry Styles’s? Whose man bob do you prefer? Think Bloom looks best with a shorter style? Tell us all about it below.

–Loni Venti


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