Elle Macpherson Reveals 'Insane' Tummy Transformation After Getting Lymphatic 'Liposculpture'

The supermodel has been a fan of massage therapist Sheila Perez's lymphatic drainage sculpting method for years

Elle Macpherson/Instagram
Photo: Elle Macpherson/Instagram (2); Inset: Getty

Supermodel Elle Macpherson just showed the jaw-dropping results of the "insane" lymphatic drainage massage she got her stomach.

The 56-year-old star visited famed massage therapist Sheila Perez — the woman behind the one-of-a-kind Sheila Perez Massage Method that shapes and sculpts the body.

Macpherson shared a close-up photo of her stomach while lying on the massage table to show her followers exactly how it looked before receiving the treatment. "@sheilamsperez method ❤️ great way to combat plane travel and sluggish lymph and digestion," the model wrote.

In the next photo posted on her Instagram Story, Macpherson revealed her total tummy transformation. "Insane 😳," she captioned the pic.

So what exactly happened during her massage? We asked Perez all about her lymphatic drainage process.

"The Sheila Perez Method is unique," Perez tells PEOPLE. "It is a massage treatment that shapes the body, significantly reduces and even eliminates cellulite and drains the body toxins. So you may call it manual liposculpture. It is a non-invasive method and without the use of any type of machines. The 'magic' is done only with my hands!"

Perez says the benefits include an improvement of overall wellness, a reduction in body measurements, reduced "or even no" cellulite, toxin drainage and increased self-esteem.

Elle Macpherson
Gisela Schober/Getty

Macpherson has previously posted about her obsession with Perez's body-shaping massages on social media. "She's back @sheilamsperez - with her exclusive Perez method for manual lymph drainage," the star wrote in 2019.

"I'm a huge fan of non invasive wellness treatments and this is one of the best - for more information on why lymphatic drainage is so important go to @sheilamsperez - and the beautiful bi- product is sculpted body," the model added. "Perfect when combined with @welleco products- sleep , movement , water and clean food."

Macpherson also jokingly described the experience as "torture," but that doesn't stop her from continuing to visit Perez. "Her hands and method are magical for lymph and sculpting," the model said. "It really works and has become part of my weekly wellness routine."

Perez says the 60-minute massage treatment is "very strong" and says most clients can experience "a little soreness."

"But after a few sessions, when you get rid of the swelling and cellulite, you will hardly feel any pain," she shares. "In the beginning I usually recommend one session a week and after a month in general, once every two weeks."

She says the length of results usually all depend on overall lifestyle. "It's like working out at a gym and eating healthy — you have to maintain a routine and be consistent with good habits for your shape and health."

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