The Elizabeth Taylor Trust has shared these photos of the star and her children, just in time for Mother's Day

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During her life in the spotlight, Elizabeth Taylor was quadruple threat: a world-renowned actress, businesswoman, activist and a beauty and fashion icon. But with four children, the star’s role as a mother was the most sacred. Taylor once said about her children, “They make me the proudest of anything that I’ve ever done.”

And now, six years after her death, we’re getting an intimate look at Elizabeth Taylor the mom role with rarely before seen photos of the actress and her kids in the video above.

The short film, which was created by the Elizabeth Taylor Trust just in time for Mother’s Day, includes a variety of photos of Taylor during intimate moments with her children — the first of which shows one of her husbands, Mike Todd, behind her two sons, Michael Wilding Jr. and Chris Wilding as they peak at their new baby sister, Liza Todd, in Taylor’s arms just after her birth in 1957.

Next, the star is seen with her daughter, Maria Burton in 1967, followed by a shot of Taylor with her daughter Liza on the set of Cleopatra. The fourth photo captures Taylor with her daughter Liza yet again, this time at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. And the final two shots show her with her son, Michael Wilding Jr. in 1953.

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Credit: Courtesy House of Taylor

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