Peter Kramer/AP

Football fan Elisabeth Hasselbeck isn’t letting pregnancy get in the way of her love of the game. Reebok has announced today that they’ve drafted The View host to be the face of a new line of NFL football jerseys — designed specifically for pregnant women. “The NFL has a tremendous amount of female fans,” Elisabeth tells WWD. “Watching a game can be a real family bonding experience, and I can tell you that the women behind the games are truly the most intense of the fans.” The $15 to $17.50 shirts will launch during the fall 2010 football and feature sayings like “#1 Draft pick” and “Kicker” across the belly. As for why Reebok decided to launch the line, Reebok’s NFL women’s product manager explains to WWD, “we realized how women were buying the product, but then we were ignoring them for nine months while they were pregnant,” of the sports fans who often had to purchase men’s shirt to accommodate their growing bumps. Tell us: What do you think of Reebok’s new NFL line for pregnant women — and Elisabeth as their spokesmom?