October 17, 2011 10:00 PM

Courtesy P&G Beauty

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is spreading the word about the importance of early detection, and partnering with P&G Beauty for the “Do Something Beautiful” campaign, which will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Given my family’s experience with this disease, I have supported breast cancer causes for many years,” Hasselbeck, whose mother is a breast cancer survivor, tells PEOPLE. “When P&G approached us to be a part of the ‘Do Something Beautiful’ campaign, we were all honored to spread the word about the importance of creating and enacting early detection plans as one of the best ways to combat this terrible disease.”

For every “Like” on its Facebook page, P&G Beauty will donate 10 cents to the NBCF. Proceeds from the sales of various P&G products — CoverGirl, Pantene, Olay, Secret and more — will benefit the campaign, too.

Hasselbeck says it’s never too early to start checking for cancer. “I saw my mom survive breast cancer and have since been committed to taking preventative measures both through embracing healthy lifestyle habits and through regular medical screenings,” she says (two of her in-laws battled the disease, too). “I think my family’s experience really does illustrate the fact that this disease can impact any woman at any age and it’s never too early to talk to your doctor about creating the right early detection plan for your needs.”

The star suggests finding a ‘breast buddy’ — a friend or family member — to “hold each other accountable and ensure that you both make appointments for your yearly screening and follow up to make sure you both go.”

The “beautiful” part about all of this? It’s easy to get started! “I think it’s wonderful that P&G Beauty is encouraging everyone to get involved and support this critically important cause through a variety of actions as simple as ‘liking’ P&G Beauty on Facebook or purchasing their favorite P&G Beauty products,” Hasselbeck says.

Log onto P&G’s Facebook page to learn more about early detection and to help raise money for the cause.

–Kim Peiffer


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