Eight Genius Shopping Tips to Learn Before You Hit Stores Next Weekend

Our StyleWatch editors share their best bits of advice. What are yours?

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Here at StyleWatch, we consider ourselves shopping pros. Comes with the territory considering we’re constantly checking out new stores, trying on clothes and chatting with experts in the industry. (Best. Job. Ever.) Which is why, in the November issue of StyleWatch (on newsstands and iPad this week), we decided to spill some of our top shopping tips — the kind of stuff that will help you make savvier purchases, spend less and get more bang for your buck.

Check out the amazing tips in the November issue and read even more below. And be sure to share yours in the comments section or by Tweeting us at @StyleWatchMag.

“If you love it, buy it in two colors. What’s worse than having to choose between black (the safe option) and another color (the wild card)? Nothing, that’s what.” –Andrea Lavinthal, Style Director

“Next time you go shopping, be sure to pick up some double-stick tape. It’s one of the best purchases you can make. I use it to secure the end of my belts. It looks so much more polished!” –Kristen Maxwell, Staff Editor

“Use the cost-per-wear formula. From the ‘Guilt-Free Shopping’ section of StyleWatch, I learned that ‘just for fun’ pieces (the trend-focused ones I may wear only one season) shouldn’t cost much more than $50. Whereas the ‘worth the splurge’ items can cost significantly more, but still be a smart purchase since I’ll get so much use out of them.” –Alex Apatoff, Associate Editor

“Always shop with a second opinion. Solo, it’s easier to be careless with spending because you’re not talking it out with anyone. But I find that when I shop with a friend, I tend to take my time and make more thoughtful purchasing decisions. Plus, I can use her to help me make a call on items I’m on the fence about.” –Kate Hogan, News Editor

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“Make sure you have one dress in your closet that you always feel good in. If you don’t have one, invest in one right now! If you’re having a fat day, you know to go straight to that dress rather than try on everything in your closet, getting increasingly frustrated as you do.” –Kara Studzinski, Editorial Assistant

“If I know I want to spend only a certain amount, I’ll leave my credit cards at home and bring the allotted cash with me. Once that money is spent, I have no choice but to stop shopping. It’s saved me from going overboard many times.” –Christa Lee, Editorial Assistant

“I let my hourly pay help me decide whether or not to buy something. When I really want a pair of heels or a new jacket, I add up how many hours I will need to log to pay for it. I figure out pretty quickly if it’s worth adding to my wardrobe!” – Heather Viggiani, Editorial Assistant

“You know all those studies about how you mimic the eating habits of the people you’re sharing a table with? (If you have dinner with a friend who overeats, you’ll end up overeating, but if she’s health-conscious, you’re more likely to order something healthy.) I fully believe it’s the same with shopping. So I try to shop only with friends who will have a good influence on my buying habits. Read: Don’t hit Bloomingdale’s with that girl who is always buying a bunch of stuff she won’t end up wearing and has maxed out her credit cards. Do shop with the one who’s an amazing bargain hunter and really picky about what she buys.” –Zoë Ruderman, Senior Style Editor

Get more amazing (and paycheck-saving) ideas in the new issue of StyleWatch, on newsstands and iPad this week!


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