Kaley Cuoco Egyptian Magic Skin Cream

Kaley Cuoco's Beauty 'Secret Weapon' Is an Amazon Phenomenon

“Deep set lines almost completely disappear”
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There are few more hallowed words in the Instagram beauty sphere than "not an ad." We'll never blame a celebrity for partnering with a brand they believe in, but removing paydays from the equation means you can trust that the product recommendation is straight from the heart. So when Kaley Cuoco went on Instagram over the weekend and tipped fans off to her beauty "secret weapon," we were all ears. 

"I'm letting you all in on my secret weapon. @Egyptianmagic," she captioned a selfie of her and the mysterious blue-labelled tub in her story. "I use it for everything. Skin, nails, lips, toes, dry nose ETC… not an ad I just <3. You're welcome." True to Cuoco's word, the brand claims the salve works for pretty much any skincare use you can think of, thanks to an essentials-only ingredient list of olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly. 

Egyptian Magic counts 17 uses for the potion, including anti-aging benefits like smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, as well as soothing eczema, psoriasis, recent scars, cracked heels, and rashes. It also works as a face moisturizer, makeup primer, lip balm, hand cream, and as a fix for stretch marks and diaper rash. And according to over 6,000 five-star Amazon ratings, the balm entirely lives up to its name.

Buy It! Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, $31.99 (orig. $36); amazon.com

Forty-two reviews call it a "miracle cream" for everything from eczema patches to bad burns. In fact, over 100 reviews hone in on the eczema magic alone — one person says that after more than a year of trying different remedies, the fragrance-free salve was the first thing that helped manage the eczema on their hands. The theme of "finally, something that works" continues: A 67-year-old writes that they "waited nearly a lifetime" for a product that could make their dry spots and old scars disappear, and now that they've seen the improvement from Egyptian Magic, they're set for life. 

Others heap on similar praise for its effect on wrinkles, writing that "nothing else has worked as well as this cream" for smoothing out lines. Some say the formula is "better than any expensive cream" they've ever purchased, able to clear up acne and fine lines.Shoppers add that their "eyes look younger" within a month, while nasty breakouts heal four times faster and splotchy red patches evacuate. 

"Worth twice the price, and then some. I use it on my face at night and my skin looks and feels softer, less lined, [and] younger! (I'm 41 and used to love the sun)," said another. "I also use it on my chest, as I have a lot of sun damage in that area. The deep set lines that I thought would never go away have almost completely disappeared." 

As a hand cream, reviewers say it makes their cracking skin look like they just got a manicure; others note that it "clearly reduces" stretch marks. The multi-use cream is so good that one person pronounces the ultimate compliment: "This stuff is almost better than the beginning of the yoga pants movement." Fighting words, but we'll let you decide for yourself. Get the Kaley Cuoco-recommended cream for $32 on Amazon.