December 01, 2016 03:29 PM
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Take a look at any red carpet, and you’ll notice that the days of plain ponytails and boring braids are over — these days, stars’ hair is as ornately embellished as the gowns it complements. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on jewel-encrusted barrettes and fancy headbands; all you need is $4 and “colored beading wire from a craft store,” Olivia Culpo’s hairstylist Justine Marjan tells PeopleStyle. She’s spilling the scoop on how to get the look, below.

To create Culpo’s look, Marjan waved her hair before pulling it to the side and fishtail braiding it down to the ends. But to secure the braid in place, she didn’t use an elastic band. Instead, she wrapped the ends with gold wire, and added 3 more wrapped sections up the braid, creating a “bubble pony” effect.

The key to perfecting the style? According to Marjan, “layering enough of the wire to get a bold finish and wrapping it super clean” will score you a red carpet-worthy do.

And best of all, the method is versatile. Lea Michele and Emilia Clarke have sported similar ponytail looks involving wrapped wire. “Silver, metallics, and gold add sparkle to the hair and instantly dress up a hair style,” Marjan says. “It’s a fun party look that doesn’t require a ton of effort but still looks special.”

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If metallics aren’t quite your thing, other embellishments also work. Marjan adds that ribbon, fabric, yarn — really anything you can wrap a pony with — are all fair game. And as Kaley Cuoco and Chrissy Teigen demonstrate, perfect placement isn’t always necessary.


To keep the wire in place, Marjan says to just tie it in a knot, which takes seconds. “It’s an easy way to add a touch of color or a little sparkle! Instead of a traditional hair tie, the wire looks chic and sophisticated.”

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