See how to recreate these looks just in time for trick-or-treating

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated October 28, 2016 07:39 PM

Are your nails prepped for Halloween? If not, don’t panic — because thanks to Essie celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec, we’re bringing you three easy — and super chic — nail art looks that’ll have you ready to dig into your candy bowls. So whether you’re into black cats, creepy crime-scene finger prints, or a simple spooky look, you’ll be set. Watch the video above for her tips, and forget about showing up to your Halloween party wearing plain black nail polish ever again.

1. Cobwebs & Silly String

To create this look, Kandalec first prepped the nail with two shades of bright white nail polish to set the base. Then, using a thin brush (you can find one at your local art supply store), she applied stripes of bold orange polish (like Essie’s Capri), twisting the brush as she dragged it down the nail to create a jagged line. She repeated the same process with a dark purple shade — which gave the look a chic twist on typical Halloween colors — and let them dry for a few minutes before sealing the look with top coat.

2. Crime Scene Finger Prints

For a finger-printed look creepy but not too gory, Kandalec went with two layers of dark red polish as a base. She applied top coat to the polish to lock it into place, before dipping her pointer finger into white nail polish and dabbing it onto the nails to create finger prints on the nails.

3. Black Cats

If you’re a cat person, this look is for you. First, paint a black half-moon shape at the tip of your nail, filling it in before you add two triangle-shaped ears. Let the base dry for a few minutes, and dab two tiny dots on for eyes, filling them in with a thin black line to create a cat-eye look.

What look will you be trying this Halloween? Sound off below!