August 07, 2018 02:15 PM

Dylan Sprouse and his long blonde hair have been stealing the hearts of fans everywhere since his early days on The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. But for his 26th birthday, Sprouse was feeling a new look as he cut off his signature shoulder-length strands.

The Dismissed star, who had been sporting a medium to long, dirty blonde look since he played Zach on the hit Disney Channel show, revealed a brand new look over the weekend, just in time for his 26th birthday. Sprouse first debuted the shockingly short, piecey style at the Overwatch League Grand Finals, but he covered the cut with a hat, making it hard to see the end result. But thanks to his new model girlfriend Barbara Palvin his haircut has been reveled. Palvin shared a birthday tribute to Sprouse on Instagram over the weekend where you can see his new look.

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His new chop features short sides and longer hair on the top  — a very similar look to his twin brother Cole, whose hair is darker (for his role on Riverdale as Jughead Jones) and slightly longer.

The twins’ hair has been a major part of their identity since they first made their debut in the spotlight in Big Daddy at age seven. They starred as the little bright-blonde boy in the Adam Sandler film, gaining recognition for their adorable personalities and short, spiky hairstyle. But soon after their big-screen debut, they took on a new look entirely, with longer cuts and side-swept bangs.

Now, after years with different styles, they’ve both given up their long looks — and are finally twinning once again.

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