June 10, 2016 09:17 PM

Dwyane Wade knows the struggle you face when it comes time to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day. The Miami Heat shooting guard and father of three admits to PeopleStyle he even called out his sons for their less-than-stellar gifts in years past. “I told my kids, ‘Yo, you’re not putting any thought into the gifts you get me.’ They go all-out for the Mother’s Day gifts they get for their mom and step-mom [Gabrielle Union],” he says, laughing. “But for me, it’s just a card.”

The Tie Bar

But the tremendously trendy Wade admits he definitely isn’t the easiest man to shop for. “I feel like the best, no-fail gift for dads are socks, ties and cologne. But my kids can’t get me socks and ties because I own tons of them,” he says.

“I have about four drawers of ties in my closet in Miami, plus boxes of others I can’t fit in the drawers,” Wade says. “It’s so hard picking a tie to go with an outfit. If I want to wear a gray tie, I have to go through 50 shades of gray — literally!”

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Known for taking plenty of fashion risks (and keeping his equally stylish wife waiting while he gets ready to go out), it’s no surprise Wade now designs men’s accessories. The NBA champion teamed up with The Tie Bar to launch his (eighth!) collection of neckties, bowties and pocket squares — a perfect gift option for any dad. “Even though it’s the easy thing to do, it’s actually a great gift,” he says.

The inspiration behind Wade’s latest collection: bright, eye-catching colors and summery vibes associated with his Miami life. “The line includes a lot of floral print. I like the pink flowers,” he says. “It livens up your outfit a bit.”

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Wade’s other gift ideas to get the man who seems to have it all? More often than not, the obvious options tend to continue to win over dads. “You can’t go wrong with getting him some cologne, socks, or a tie,” he tells us. “But my favorite thing is when my kids create something. My youngest son comes up with these great poems he wrote me for Father’s Day. The thought and heart they put into it means so much to me.”

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–Kaitlyn Frey

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