We can now stop wondering what NBA players wear when they’re home alone, because Dwyane Wade has the answer — nothing. But for the face of the new Naked Underwear‘s Naked Truth underwear campaign, that wasn’t the case until he turned 30.

Dwyane Wade Naked Underwear

Naked Underwear/Bob Metelus

The Miami Heat shooting guard, and husband of actress Gabrielle Union, shares that it took him a while to become comfortable in his own skin. (Hard to believe, we know.)

“I’ve got this saying now — I’m always naked,” he tells PeopleStyle. “But before, I was never one of those guys who ever felt comfortable naked. I was always the kind of guy who, even in my house by myself, I used to have shorts on. And I got to a point in age where I started feeling more comfortable being naked. But it took me until I was 30 years old until I felt comfortable — I’m 33 now.”

That’s part of the reason he’s involved with Naked, the underwear brand, which he’s the Creative Director of. “One thing I like about the name [of the brand]… when you think of being naked or what it stands for, it stands for freedom — those moments when you feel free. There’s no worries, nothing holding you back. And the confidence comes with it as well.”

The NBA star adds that the heart of the Naked Truth campaign’s message is being your real self. “In the world we’re in today, everyone is different and this is a time when its okay to be different. And it’s okay to express who you are.”

Sure, you’ll see Wade nearly undressed in the photos, but it’s not your average underwear campaign. “Everyone thinks its gonna be a man with abs and it’s going to be so sexy,” he says. “But this is really getting into the absolute truth of the actual human.”

And of course, with nudity comes lots of skin, and the NBA player knows the importance of good bodycare and grooming.

“A lot of guys don’t lotion their body from head to toe,” he admits. “I don’t want my hands rubbed, I don’t want my feet rubbed. But I’m all about taking care of your skin and taking care of your body as much as possible.”

He also loves feeling and smelling fresh, especially in a scent that his wife loves. “I wear Tom Ford White Suede — it’s my favorite scent,” he shares. “That was all me. When we [he and Union] went shopping in New York I was looking for a scent, I picked it out and went to her and said ‘hows this smell?’ And she loved it — I’m about fresh scents.”

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But underwear isn’t the only thing Wade has a ton of — he’s all about fashionable footwear. Does he have more shoes than Union? “Yes, I do,” he admits.

“I’m an athlete so I get a lot of basketball shoes — I have a whole room dedicated to that,” he shares. “And I’m into fashion so I have a lot of designer shoes and boots and slides and all of these kind of things. So you gotta make sure you’ve got everything you need.”

Can you stare at his campaign photos all day? What do you think of Wade’s style? Sound off below.

— Jillian Ruffo