His family members' jaws dropped to the floor when they saw his dramatically different hairstyle
Willie Robertson haircut
Credit: Willie Robertson/ Instagram

Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson looked so unrecognizable after getting his first major haircut in over 15 years that even his closest family members didn't realize it was actually him.

The A&E star, 48, thought it was time to switch-up his iconic shaggy, shoulder-length style as hair salons and barber shops begin to reopen in Louisiana following the coronavirus restrictions. But to make the experience a little more fun, he wanted to see if he could trick his family into not recognizing him by walking by them after getting the cut.

"Everyone else is going back to the barber, I figured I should try it too. #17years," Willie wrote on Instagram alongside a video.

Willie Robertson
Credit: Willie Robertson/ Instagram

At the barber shop, Willie had his stylist cut off nearly all his long hair to leave his sides buzzed short and a longer coiff on top. But don't worry: the star still kept some of his signature flair by leaving his lengthy beard.

After he got his haircut, Willie put his new look to the test to see if his wife Korie Robertson would recognize who he was. As she was purchasing a drink to-go from a restaurant, Willie walked inside, passed her and walked out without Korie giving him a second glance. By the time she headed back outside to her car, Willie walked up to her saying, "You forgot something..."

"What in the world?!" Korie replied as her jaw dropped when she realized it was her husband. "I feel like I kinda looked at you and thought you looked familiar," she added with a laugh.

Willie Robertson haircut
Credit: Willie Robertson/ instagram

Then Willie tried the same trick to his daughter Bella Robertson, 17. In the video where he's seen walking past her, she did a quick double-take before realizing it was actually her dad. Once she did, Bella's mouth dropped wide open and she fell down to the ground in utter shock.

Willie Robertson

"Dad, your hair!" she said.

Korie shared a sweet selfie with her husband and a few more videos of him surprising friends and family members with his new 'do after getting the dramatic haircut.

"SURPRISE!! @realwilliebosshog shocked us all with a major after-quarantine haircut, ha! We haven’t seen his neck in 15 years 😂 I love this man! He’s cute and he always keeps life interesting😍," she wrote.

"Swipe through to see all of the reactions. He and @jdowen7 had a blast going all over town to surprise us, ha!" Korie continued. "He even bought a new shirt so we wouldn’t recognize his clothes. When he goes, he goes all in 🤗."