Your at-home blowout is about to get much easier

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated April 07, 2016 01:00 PM

It’s been six years since the first blowout bar, Drybar, transformed the hair styling game. Between its wash-and-dry concept, its menu of pro looks to choose from, and the fact that the company made getting ready on Friday night a whole lot easier, we’ve become addicted to the art of the perfect bouncy blowout. And now, the salon’s founder Alli Webb is here to show you exactly how to master her signature technique. The hair whisperer wrote a DIY book revealing all of her smooth hair secrets.

Alli Webb/Drybar

“Being a naturally curly-haired girl and long time professional stylist, I have accumulated thousands of tips, tricks, and hair secrets that I am just bursting to get out there to women everywhere,” she tells PeopleStyle about the book, The Drybar Guide to Good Hair For All.

And considering that it was her friends and family who encouraged her to become a hairstylist in the first place, the book will focus on their most-asked questions — like how to ditch frizz and add tons of volume.

“Most of my girlfriends really struggle with doing their own hair… it’s not easy,” she says. “That’s what led me to become a stylist myself. They constantly ask me, ‘Why does my hair look so frizzy all the time? How do I get it smooth? How can I get volume?’ The list really goes on and on. This book truly answers, in great detail, all of that and seriously so much more!

We know what you’re thinking — Webb must never struggle with her strands. But even the pros have bad hair days. The one thing she’s excited to teach her fellow blowout enthusiasts? What to do with their bangs. “I think we all struggle with different areas so the book really offers something for everyone,” Webb explains. “However, I really love teaching people the proper way to style bangs — so I can tell you: Always hold the brush vertically and blow the hair away from your face.”

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The book will be available on October 18th, but to hold you over, Webb shared her top 5 tips for mastering the perfect at-home blowout.

1. Start with super clean hair, and set aside enough time (at least 20 mins).
3. Invest in pro tools and brushes, which make a huge difference in the end result, and won’t damage your hair
3. Don’t over-do it with product — less is more.
4. Use clips and work in small, manageable sections. Too much hair on the brush will lead to major frizz.
5. Set up a mirror to see the back of your hair as you blow dry. People notice the back too!

What do you think of Webb’s tips? Tell us below!

— Jillian Ruffo