April 15, 2011 06:30 PM

Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

Talk about a ravishing redhead! Drew Barrymore recently made a hair hue switch, picking up a warm red color and leaving her ombré locks behind. We love the new look, but wanted to know — why the switch? According to Barrymore’s colorist, Tracey Cunningham, it was just time for a change. “The ombré look really created a great beauty buzz but we wanted to try something new,” Cunningham tells PEOPLE. “Drew likes to keep her look fresh; we like to try new things when the seasons change.” Choosing to use “the perfect spring red shade” — which she describes as soft and warm, with “great vibrancy” — was easy, Cunningham says. “Drew is a color chameleon! Her skin is so pretty that any hair color will complement her eyes.” To make such a change on your own, Cunningham recommends taking the process slowly. “When you book your appointment, be prepared to spend some time in the salon,” she explains. “The color needs to be gradually added back in; your colorist has to make sure they apply the color with perfect technique to even out the look and void the prior ombré look.” To lock in color and shine, Cunningham recommends a glaze, too. But if you’re gunning for a major change of your own, think twice, the stylist says. “Do it when the time is right! Don’t try a radical change two weeks before your wedding or a major event in your life,” she cautions. “Give yourself time to adjust to the change — and embrace it!” —Reporting by Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester


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