Drew Barrymore Talks Flower Eyewear, Expanding Her Business and Her Love for Vintage Clothes

The actress opens up about her growing business and more

Drew Barrymore has been a Hollywood A-lister since childhood, and now she’s a tastemaker in the cosmetics world thanks to her Flower Beauty brand. And Flower, known for its affordable makeup and fragrances, has just expanded into the fashion arena with a new line of eyewear.

Drew Barrymore

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“Our eyewear is an exceptional venture, and I’m so excited that we were able to apply the Flower promise of the highest quality, same materials that the luxury brands are made with in a totally different price point,” Barrymore told PEOPLE at the launch of Flower’s eyewear line (available at Walmart) and fourth fragrance, Sparkling Garden, at Palihouse in West Hollywood.

Barrymore is involved in every aspect of creating Flower Eyewear (which includes both optical and sunglasses) and was meticulous when it came to designing the collection. “I really thought about, honestly, the artistry and the coloring of makeup and the flattering aspects and the shapes to a woman’s face and doing a lot of gradients of color and ombré-ing (if you will) and translucence,” she said. “Because glasses are something you wear every day.”

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Though she was focused on creating Flower Eyewear, she is still as determined as ever to continue to introduce innovative cosmetics with Flower’s beauty line. “We challenge ourselves to do like, 30 to 50, new products a year,” she shared. The reason she may be so eager to continue to produce new products is likely from a piece of advice she was given by her father in-law, Arie Kopelman, former CEO of Chanel. “As my father in-law said, the beauty industry is a ‘What have you done for me lately’ business — and it is.”

So that’s why nothing makes Barrymore happier than when women approach her to tell her how much they love Flower. “I’m always I think the most delighted when you think maybe it’s going to be about a film or a something and they’re like ‘I love Flower!'” she says. “You’re like, Okay, great! This is the best!”

“I think that’s how life evolves,” she says. “It’s, whatever you’re the most focused on at the time is the most important to you, because it’s the most personal and it’s what’s taking up all of your energy and attention.”

With her own makeup, fragrance and eyewear lines, what is the must-have item that Drew needs in her closet that she isn’t making for herself quite yet? “I love my vintage T-shirts,” she says. “I work out in them. You throw a pair of pajama bottoms or some tight pants for working out. Everything goes well with a vintage T-shirt.”

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–Abby Stern

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