The actress is sharing her skincare and beauty secrets all week

By Claudia Fisher
July 22, 2019 03:52 PM
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im Hunter / Newspix via Getty

Drew Barrymore is quite the beauty guru. Not only does she own a cosmetics and skincare brand, Flower Beauty, she frequently shares product recommendations from her Instagram so her fans can get the best advice on what to use in their own regimens. This week, Barrymore is doing her annual “Beauty Junkie Week,” where she divulges some of her favorite beauty products every day.

In her latest product post, the 44-year-old revealed her high-end selections. While she cautions her fans about the prices, she says the results are too good not to splurge on these products. Under the video revealing her picks, Barrymore writes, “this is the expensive luxury product list. The high roller of products. I am talking about a 3 step strategy with them. But any one of them truly stand on their own and are truly worth the money.”

Barrymore starts her routine with an acne-fighting toner from Christine Chin and follows that with two other “really elegant products.” The first Barrymore recommends is Dr. Barbara Strum’s Sun Drops, a multi-tasking product that boosts skin health while providing SPF 50 protection from sun damage. Dermatologists typically recommend wearing sunblock with SPF 30 or higher every single day, so integrating the light-textured Sun Drops into your daily routine will also check that precaution off your list.

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The final luxury product Barrymore swears by is Chanel’s La Solution 10, a moisturizer designed for all skin types with just 10 ingredients that will soothe and nurture even the most sensitive skin. The antioxidants and specially extracted silver needle tea help skin become less stressed and more resilient. As Barrymore said in her caption, she uses these three products in tandem but each one is an effective stand-alone product to add to the routine you’re already doing (or a good starting place if you’re currently sans routine).

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And, to really get the best bang for your buck, Barrymore says you can “use very sparing amounts and really stretch them all out for maximum usage that makes them last a long time too.” For great skin care — especially when it comes to your face — it’s usually worth spending a little extra money if it means finally getting the beautiful skin you want so you can face the world with complete confidence.