"It's going to take off [as a] new trend, I'm convinced of it," the Garnier spokesperson told PEOPLE of the elevated loungewear style

By Hanna Flanagan and Reporting By Andrea Lavinthal
February 12, 2021 05:05 PM
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drew barrymore; SJP
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Drew Barrymore is just as inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker as the rest of us.

While speaking to PEOPLE about her new partnership with Garnier, the actress, 45, said she can't get enough of Parker's Carrie Bradshaw-esque pandemic style.

"I'm loving seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in her sweatpants and heels, that's one of my favorite combinations," Barrymore said of the fashion icon, 55, who was spotted rocking the elevated loungewear look several times during 2020. "It's going to take off [as a] new trend, I'm convinced of it."

The talk show host and Flower Beauty founder continued, "I can't even handle how much I'm drooling over her whole vibe right now. I imagine putting on some heels with your sweatpants is like throwing on a necklace or a lip, it just does a little something. It makes you stand a little taller, it makes you have a little bit more excitement to engage with the world."

When asked about her routine during quarantine, the star said she likes to "put on a little bit of makeup for Zoom calls" because it helps "turn up the volume" on her presentation.

drew barrymore
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"The psychology behind it is immeasurable," she shared. "It doesn't have to be everyday, but we've got to do it. It can be as simple as taking a shower and washing your hair, it could be as elaborate as putting on heels and a lipstick."

During the interview, Barrymore also revealed how her partnership with Garnier came to be after she shared her love of the brand's Whole Blends Legendary Olive Shampoo and Conditioner on her Instagram after buying it at a King Kullen grocery store. 

"HOLY COW THIS IS THE BEST SHAMPOO I am obsessed," she captioned a photo of herself holding the products back in August. "I got this because my daughter's name is Olive. And it turns out that I am in love. And at around 5 ish dollars a bottle, well, I love that tooooooooo!!!! It's also basically sold everywhere, so it's easy to get." She added that her natural waves in the photo were just from using the Garnier shampoo and conditioner. "This is my hair straight out of shower with zero product or fuss," she wrote. "And I am very happy with the results."

Fast forward and the Flower Beauty founder, is working with the brand. "I loved it as a product. When I do those [Instagram] posts, no one is asking me to or paying me, they're totally unsolicited. I just like sharing products that are making my life better and more empowered. If I could be a personal sharer for my main job, that would really make me happy," she told PEOPLE. 

Barrymore endorsed the Garnier duo because they ticked off all the boxes of what she looks for in her hair care products: performance-driven, clean ingredients and an affordable price. 

In addition to signing on as a spokesperson for Garnier Whole Blends Sulfate-Free Remedy collection, which contains sustainably sourced, clean ingredients and comes in 100% post-consumer recycled materials, she's also the creative director of the new campaign.

"I really like having a seat at that table," she said of the role which included working on the playful bee-themed ad concept. "It's more empowering to be involved in the creative process, because you're not just showing up and smiling."