Drew Barrymore Shares All of Her Favorite Beauty Items — Including Drugstore Products!

The Santa Clarita Diet actress took to Instagram to reveal the contents of her (multiple) beauty cabinets

Source: Drew Barrymore/Instagram
Photo: Source: Drew Barrymore/Instagram

Drew Barrymore has previously said she has no plans to use facial fillers, and now we can see why.

The Santa Clarita Diet star shared the internal workings of her (multiple) beauty cabinets on Instagram on Friday and Saturday, and has drawn on her own expertise to weigh in and what is and is not good for your face.

Barrymore, 41, has successfully created her own makeup empire, Flower, and included some products from her own line onto the list of things every beauty junkie should have.

The beauty guru swears by her "fav moisturizer" by Shea Moisture, going as far as writing, "Use on children and yourself !"

The actress also swears by her Babyliss Pro TT blow dryer, writing, "Best little blow dryer. And has a low setting that kind of diffuses, which is good for us girls with curls! If ya know what I mean. Love this red tool."

Her Flower beauty line foundation stick made the cut, with Barrymore writing that it's "creamy and blend able. But gives coverage. Even on blue, red and brown. It just truly works!"

Perhaps Barrymore's biggest secret to not getting facial fillers is her favorite mask by Hanacure Effect. "@thehanacure nuts when you take it off you are 10 years younger," she writes. "You paint it on with a brush. It starts to dry. It pulls. It gets so tight that it literally pulls your face."

"But it makes you look so fresh when you wash it off," she continues. "And it's so effective. How fun is that in a package. #notttooenvasivebeauty #kbeauty thank you @crystalmeers for the info that's changed my life."

Who said you should stop at one mask? Barrymore's got a dozen or more, as she showed on Instagram. "#beautyjunkieweek there is no end to masks. Don't mess with your face. I've not used fillers or tricks yet. So I turn to innovation in skin care and beauty. Let me turn you on to attainable solutions. Be your best YOU."

And for those with oily skin or acne, Barrymore says your solution is Clinique. Although, she does agree it's "not cheap," but also "not unattainable."

Some drugstore products go a long way, especially with Aquaphor, and Barrymore owns a lot of it. "I love you @aquaphorus," she writes.

Barrymore's cleansing secret is French favorite Bioderma, which she calls "by far the best make up remover I have ever used."

"This used to be only available in France," she continues. "But now it is much more common in beauty supply stores, chemists and on line! Do not skip this step. It's so clean. Like water. But doesn't sting and is an old favorite of the fashion and beauty world."

Barrymore told The New York Times in late January that the secret to her youthful Hollywood look was simply a testament to how much she takes care of her skin.

"I would say 90 percent of my life, I wear zero makeup," she says, adding that she relies on Flower's Skincognito Stick Foundation "because it covers blue, red, brown, purple," as well as one new lipstick shade every month.

As far as her skin is concerned, the star says she swears by using toners, esthetician Christine Chin's skincare products, and washing her face diligently at least three times a day. While she doesn't have much time for facials or treatments, she does clear her schedule once a year, when she sees Dr. Roy Geronemus for a "barnacle removal. He treats my face like the bow of a boat."

But Barrymore is confident that at least for another decade, there are zero needles in her near future. "He knows I'm not going to do anything beyond lasers, so he doesn't even bother talking about it. He did suggest some fillers the last time I was there. I was like: 'Not happening, Dr. G! Talk to me in 10 years.' I'm not putting anything in my face until it's so bad I have nothing to lose."

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