The actress also used a subway car's metal paneling as a mirror to apply her mascara

By Emily Kirkpatrick
June 02, 2017 06:04 PM
Credit: Drew Barrymore/Instagram

Most people associate the glamorous life of celebrities with squads of hair and makeup people to tend to every lash and lock, a stylist to find the perfect outfit for everything from running errands to hitting the red carpet, and plenty of time to jet off between spa appointments. But in reality, they’re often as pressed for time as we are, and have to multi-task by slapping on some makeup on their commute: A feat Drew Barrymore proved she’s a black belt-level expert at in her latest Instagram post.

Drew hopped aboard a subway train only to realize she still had a little more makeup that needed to be applied. But instead of whipping out her compact or waiting until she found a restroom where she could use the mirror, the ever-resourceful Santa Clarita Diet star simply turned around in her seat to face the metal paneling on the car’s wall and effortlessly applied her Flower Beauty mascara.

But that wasn’t the only thing the actress and beauty mogul was up to on the subway. Barrymore took to new-media newsstand New Stand in N.Y.C.’s Columbus Circle subway station to reveal that like her fellow beauty guru, Gwyneth Paltrow, she’s launching a magazine, appropriately called Flower Press. She handed out the preview issue of the ‘zine, which contained beauty secrets, recipes and expert interviews, to passerbys on the subway platform.

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And while the first official issue won’t be released until later this year, we expect that we’ll be seeing a ton of Flower Beauty related tips, along with the star’s time-saving tips and advice.

As the actress told Vogue of her beauty routine earlier this year, “I don’t have a lot of sit-down-at-the-vanity-table, old-fashioned luxury of time. It’s so real for us girls. We really do our makeup on the go.” Which is what inspired her to start documenting her authentic experience trying to squeeze a little glamour into her regular commuting routine. Because although she may be a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and the founder of her own cosmetics company, with two children ages four and three, some days, you’ve just got to grab your makeup bag and run.

What do you think of Drew’s mascara technique? Do you apply your makeup on the go? What tricks do you use?