Drake's internet-famous beige knit is in good company.

By Lindy Segal
Updated October 20, 2015 07:33 PM

If you logged into Twitter Monday night, there’s a good chance you saw a ton of chatter about Drake’s new “Hotline Bling” music video (in between all the
Star Wars
reactions. And the Gilmore Girls reunion reactions. It was a big night!). Specifically, the Twittersphere was going crazy about the rapper’s dance moves — and his incredibly cozy-looking beige turtleneck sweater.

If you haven’t watched it yet, by all means.

There’s no denying that Drake makes ribbed knits look good. The video got us thinking about other notable turtleneck moments in pop-culture history — and there’s a surprising number of them. From an NSYNC classic to Steve Jobs’ iconic mock turtleneck, Drake is in good company. Here, look back at some of our favorites.

NSYNC’s “This I Promise You” video

NSYNC had a ton of fashion misfires — yellow sunglasses, Chris Kirkpatrick’s pineapple hair, whatever this is — but they looked straight out of a Tommy Hilfiger ad in arguably the coziest music video ever made. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in the forest with these five cashmere-clad fellas?

Ron Burgundy, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Snap Stills/REX Shutterstock

Nothing says “Stay classy, San Diego” quite like Will Ferrell in his signature off-duty turtleneck.

Rizzo in the Grease opening song

Cartoon Rizzo captures how we all feel when putting on a turtleneck. We never saw her as much of a sweater gal anyway.

Steve Jobs

Justin Sullivan/Getty

The late Apple CEO was known for his incredible vision — and his signature black mock turtlenecks. Although the style was believed to be a St. Croix design, it was later revealed that Jobs had them custom-made by Japanese designer Issey Miyake.

Shania Twain c. 1999


Come on Over-era Shania was literally always wearing a turtleneck. In some cases, it didn’t even have to connect to the rest of her dress.

Marilyn Monroe

Alfred Eisenstaedt/Getty

Marilyn proves that a classic black turtleneck can be really, really sexy.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

Moviestore/Re/REX Shutterstock

The item of clothing at the centerpiece of one of the ’90s most iconic film scenes? None other than a white turtleneck dress (and famously nothing else).

Which iconic turtleneck moment is your favorite? And are you listening to “Hotline Bling” on repeat today too?

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— Lindy Segal