Thank goodness his mom came through

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Ron Turenne/NBAE/Getty

If anyone needed another reason to love Drake, he just supplied one that will make your heart melt. He shared a super-sweet letter he wrote to his mom back in 2006 thanking her for spotting him (while assuring her she’ll be reimbursed) for his ambitious eBay order. As he once rapped, he started from the bottom (with an eBay addiction) and now he’s here (buying solid gold sneakers).

In an Instagram throwback pic, he posted a photo of a hand-written letter he wrote to his mom thanking her for “temporarily funding my music and wardrobe” (which we now learned primarily consisted of Evisu jeans). He wrote that he spent a bit too much on eBay than he should have, but took his financial responsibilities into his own hands explaining he was cancelling his WireImage account and reassured her she’d be “reimbursed fully.”

In his caption he wrote that he’s long settled the debt and that he’d be #NothingWithoutMyMom. And that includes being unable to finance a pair of solid gold OVO Air Jordans that he estimates at about 100 lbs. (and which GQ estimates cost about $2 million). And the best part? He didn’t have to borrow a cent from his Champagne Mami. So we thought it was only fitting to pay tribute to all the other ways he’s “started from the bottom” since his Degrassi: The Next Generation days.

In 2006 he released his first mixtape Room for Improvement… now, his album Views has been number one on the Billboard top 200 chart for nine weeks in a row.

His Degrassi character favored khakis…

While he’s all about turtlenecks these days.

He went from playing on Degrassi’s basketball team…

To being besties with LeBron James.

He grew out of his “Urkel” phase…

To being able to call Vogue‘s Anna Wintour his “bae.” (That’s definitely more Stefan Urquelle.)

He went from drinking Sprite…

To being featured in its campaign.

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But one thing that’s never changed.. his adorable relationship with his mom.

Thoughts on Drake’s letter to his mom?

— Colleen Kratofil