Dove Cameron Honors Late 'Descendants' Costar Cameron Boyce with New Tattoo

Cameron Boyce started the Wielding Peace organization before he died

Dove Cameron got a special tattoo in honor of her late costar and friend, Cameron Boyce.

In a new video with Vogue, the actress takes fans along as she gets her 11th tattoo at her favorite parlor in Los Angeles, Ten Thousand Waves Tattoo Gallery.

Cameron, 23, explained that the new ink had extra special meaning, revealing that it would be in memory of Descendants costar Boyce, who died at age 20 on July 6.

“I want to get a single needle, either like a pistol or a revolver or some type of firearm, but I want it to have wither like a single rose or like a bouquet coming out of it, because I am very anti-gun and I am very pro-gun regulation,” the actress said. “And it’s sort of like a nationally recognized symbol for peace and for anti-gun movements.”

Dove Cameron tattoo

“Also my friend, Cameron, passed away a few months ago and he was starting this organization called Wielding Peace,” Cameron added. “He wanted to get influential people holding things that sort of looked like they were in the shape of a gun, but then it would something artistic or peaceful.”

The Live and Maddie star explained that Boyce had posed for the organization holding a bouquet of flowers — her inspiration for the tattoo.

“He did it with a bouquet of flowers actually, and I think that that’s really beautiful and I’ve been trying to think of a tattoo to get for him since he passed and I just felt that this one was really appropriate,” she said.

Cameron decided to get the sentimental tattoo on the outside of her left wrist with the barrel of the gun shooting out a single rose towards her hand.

Earlier this year, she opened up to Seventeen about the emotional rollercoaster she experienced when she first learned the news of Boyce’s death.

Dove Cameron Instagram
Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce. Dove Cameron Instagram

“When I heard about Cameron, I had just woken up early in a London hotel room to the sound of my phone ringing off the hook,” she recalled in the interview in July. “I was nervous about why I could be getting so many texts and calls, so I only looked at my mother’s text. I knew she would be the gentlest, and the most concise, whatever it was.”

“It explained what had happened and I immediately phoned Boo Boo [Stewart], who had already called me twice,” Cameron continued. “We just sobbed without speaking. If there was a word stronger than devastated that could describe the depth of the pain that I was feeling, I would use it.”

Following his death, Boyce’s family started the Cameron Boyce Foundation.

According to the foundation’s website, the “Cameron Boyce Foundation provides young people artistic and creative outlets as alternatives to violence and negativity and uses resources and philanthropy for positive change in the world” — a similar message to his Wielding Peace organization.

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