Donna Karan Is Letting You Get in on the Red Carpet Styling Game

Facebook's Donna Karan Atelier lets you watch dresses as they're created -- and worn by stars

Courtesy Donna Karan Atelier

We’ve heard stylists and stars dish on selecting red carpet gowns, but what is the process really like? Donna Karan is aiming to take a bit of the mystery out of red carpet dressing with its new Atelier app, which will let fashion fans track the progress of gowns from creation to carpet-worn.

The Atelier app represents Donna Karan Atelier, a capsule collection of custom gowns designed outside of Karan’s seasonal collections — a.k.a., basically just for the red carpet. Ashley Greene, the face of DKNY and DKNY Jeans, has been lucky enough to wear a few of these dresses so far, and we expect to see more stars following suit in the awards show-packed months ahead.

When you access the app — it’s available on Facebook if you “Like” Donna Karan New York — you’ll be able to follow the journey of a dress (or dresses) that is in the process of being designed, or being considered by a celebrity for a major event, or on its way to another part of the world. Think of it as a status update for a gown, with tiny sneak-peek pictures that let you see a bit of the dress you’re tracking.

If a celebrity selects a Donna Karan Atelier dress for an event, you’ll get to see the whole reveal: the dress in all its glory, and a photo of the star wearing it. If it doesn’t get picked, the mystery will remain, until someone else decides to wear it sometime down the line. (The exclusive photo above represents some of what you’ll see on the app; sneak peek photos along with the final reveal of the dress and the star.)

The app came in part from the @DKNY Twitter, run by the now-famous “DKNY PR Girl,” Aliza Licht. Licht, Donna Karan’s senior vice president of global communications, often Tweets about where dresses are and if stars are trying them on; users were interested, and this new way of covering red carpet gowns was born.

Currently, there are four dresses in play on the app — one that’s a work in progress, one that’s being considered for the Golden Globes, one that was rejected for the Emmys and one that is still looking for its star. Interested to see if any of them end up on the red carpet soon? Visit and get tracking!


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