The Republican nominee opted for a new camouflage trucker hat in the final days of his campaign
Donald Trump - Style
Credit: Mark Wallheiser/Getty

A lot of attention has been devoted this election cycle to every outfit Hillary Clinton has ever worn, how much it costs, who made it, and what it might mean, as well as plenty of recommendations for how to make her pantsuits more fashion forward. So sure, we guess we could get on board with Donald Trump’s assertion that the media is biased, at least when it comes to giving Clinton’s style more scrutiny than has been given to the real estate mogul’s staid navy and black Brioni suits. But with just a few weeks left in the campaign, the presidential hopeful has finally given us something stylish to talk about, switching out his usual white and red headgear for a new, very on-trend camouflage topper.

While campaigning through Florida this week, the Republican nominee has made the bold choice to change-up his tried and true sartorial formula, perhaps in the hopes of swaying a handful of style-conscious undecided voters his way. Trump’s new trucker hat in question features a green and khaki camouflage print with his oft repeated slogan, “Make America Great Again,” stitched across the front in blaze orange, a color combination every hunter out there should instantly identify with.

So why this drastic wardrobe alteration just 14 days before Americans cast their ballot? Perhaps given HRC’s recent spike in “Nasty Woman” t-shirt sales Trump was hoping to remind everyone he also has his own line of baseball caps is still available in plenty of different styles to suit anyone’s aesthetic, with free shipping if you spend over $75. Maybe he wanted to wear the chapeau equivalent of his NRA endorsement, or was simply in a festive fall mood and wanted to match the pumpkins and haystacks surrounding him during his speech. However, if Trump’s plan was to use his new headgear to help him slowly disappear into his surrounding environment, we hate to be the ones to break the bad news, but unfortunately Mr. Trump, we can still see you crystal clear.

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