Dolly Parton 'Always' Has Her Hair and Makeup Done: 'I Have to Be Ambulance-Ready at All Times'

The country music legend says she likes to stay "street ready" in case she needs to leave the house in a hurry

Dolly Parton loves her glam so much, she looks put together at all times of the day.

“I have to always stay ready—street ready, I always say," Parton, 74, told RuPaul for a special digital holiday cover story with Marie Claire. "I have to keep my makeup on and keep my hair done."

She explained to RuPaul that when she's in Los Angeles, she always wants to stay ready in the case of a natural disaster. "If it's going to earthquake, if we get an earthquake, I'm not running out in the street looking like you now," Parton told him. "I have to be ambulance-ready at all times, if I get sick or something."

Dolly Parton for Marie Claire
Stacie Huckeba courtesy of Butterfly Records LLC

Last year, she admitted to The New York Times that she even sleeps in her makeup. "You never know if you're going to wreck the [tour] bus, you never know if you're going to be somewhere in a hotel and there’s going to be a fire," Parton told the outlet in 2019. "So I leave my makeup on at night and clean my face in the morning."

Parton also prefers to wear "high heels most of the time," for a pretty practical reason.

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton. Mark Seliger/ABC via Getty

"They're not always as high as the ones I wear for show. But I'm little. I'm short. And I have to wear heels in order to reach my cabinets. But I always enjoy wearing the shoes too, and I just feel more like me," she told Marie Claire.

Even though the "Jolene" songstress loves getting all dressed up, that doesn't mean she has a problem embracing her natural side once in a while too. "But I can come down, though," Parton says. "I'm comfortable in my own skin; I'm comfortable with my image. I dress for myself more than I do for somebody else.”

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The star, who turns 75 next month, recently told Oprah Winfrey that she doesn't let her age define her.

"I'm gonna look like a cartoon," she jokingly said of what she thinks her appearance will be at age 95. "I'll have on the makeup. I'll look as young as my plastic surgeons will allow me and [with] all the makeup and lighting and all that. But I think more than anything, it's about what comes from inside you."

Parton continued: "It's an attitude and you gotta shine from within. Sometimes, that can make you feel young and make you seem young to other people."

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