Doja Cat Shaves Her Head and Eyebrows on Instagram Live: 'I Don't Like Having Hair'

"It's very funny how much of an effect taking my hair off my head has positively influenced me," admits Doja Cat

Doja Cat shaved both her hair and eyebrows off on Instagram Live in front of shocked followers — and is loving every bit of her new look!

The 26-year-old "Woman" singer, who is known for her unique style, explained the reason behind the drastic change, as shown in videos of the moment shared on social media.

"You guys have seen me wear my natural hair out. I had, like, two eras where my hair would be out. I would straighten it ...There was a moment where it was natural, and I don't even wear it natural 'cause I don't feel like it and it's just a f---ing nightmare, dude. I'm over it," Doja said.

Doja Cat
Doja Cat. Doja Cat/Instagram

"I'm really liking this," the singer said of the cut, stating that she was so used to wearing wigs anyway that she saw "no point" in having hair.

"What is use of having hair if you're not going to f---ing wearing it out? I don't even sport it, so I'm shaving it off. There's no point. I've never felt so f---ing happy, like ... it's very funny how much of an effect taking my hair off my head has positively influenced me," she continued.

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Doja Cat
Doja Cat. Doja Cat/Instagram

The Grammy winner went on to state the benefits of her freeing style.

"I can swim, which is a big deal for me because I love to surf. I can swim, I can work out, I can do like real strenuous workouts and sweat my ass off," Doja said.

"Another kind of fun thing for" the "Say So" hitmaker, she explained, "is that my wigs are going to lay flatter if I ever do wanna wear a wig."

"If I wanna do a buzzcut color, I can do any color without actually doing it on my own head," she continued. "I can do a buzzcut wig. Either way, it's like much easier all around. And it's too hot for that s---, even though it's almost fall. This is just better, it's a lot better."

She hilariously concluded, "I'm glad my head is a good shape. I was scared it was going to give peanut head ... I was like, 'What the f--- does my head look like without hair?' "

In addition to shaving her hair off, Doja also shaved her eyebrows on Instagram Live.

In the video, later shared on Twitter, she comically stated that her makeup artist said they were heading over to her house immediately because they didn't believe what she was about to do.

Doja's millions of fans were quick to comment on her makeover, with one writing on social media, "She looks very beautiful. It fits her so well."

Another wrote, "Love it, Doja! Be your authentic self. I shaved my head and have never felt more empowered. Welcome to club, brown baldie!"

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