The mega-producer tells PEOPLE how he motivates his famous friends and reveals all about his mandatory twice-weekly pedicures as a part of his self-care routine

DJ Khaled wants to get fans motivated through meditation!

The hitmaker, 45, is launching BLESSWELL CBD grooming products along with a three-part audio guided meditation — that he narrates himself!

"I'm going to be able to give you that Khaled feel meditation and hopefully, you'll be inspired and motivated," Khaled tells PEOPLE. "I'm gonna give you a three-part series where you actually get me giving you that 'Cloth Talk' and giving you that vibe and love and I think that's such a beautiful thing."

The "Popstar" producer adds, "We want you to be a part of it. Let's win together. And at the same time, let's take care of each other."

DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled
| Credit: BlessWell

The Grammy winner says part of getting your mind right is also making sure ti carve out time for self-care, something he has been committing to self-care within the past six years, he tells PEOPLE.

"I started getting into self-care and it just is beautiful," the "Greece" producer says. "From a mani and pedi once a week. Now, I'm trying to do it twice a week. That's how much I love it."

Speaking from his Miami home, Khaled says, "just sitting in the backyard, where I'm at now, is self-care. Taking in the weather, taking in the blessings, taking in the light. It's so much of it, we don't realize how blessed we are. And that goes back to obviously giving thanks to God that we have life. So I'm embracing life and also showing my gratitude."

DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled
| Credit: BlessWell

That same positive outlook on life is something his famous friends get motivated by.

"I would motivate my friends and be like, 'Yo, don't let the pandemic get you stuck in the pandemic. When it's over, don't have that pandemic mentality of, you know, thinking [and] sitting there being lazy. Use this time to stay healthy, be with your family, whatever your dreams are or your work is take it to the next level. It's your chance,'" Khaled tells PEOPLE of his advice.

He adds, "I motivate everybody out there to be great."

"And people always say, 'Khaled you're like a light bulb and a light in a room. Like, when you walk in, and when you make people smile, you make people laugh, you make people feel good.'  And God blessed me with that. And I'm grateful for that. That superpower I have," Khaled shares.

Of his latest business venture, Khaled tells PEOPLE, "Self-care is something that I preach to myself. I try to bless myself, in many ways. And BLESSWELL, was just perfect for everything that I represent."

"I want to be clear. I like them all," Khaled tells PEOPLE of his products. "But this one, I use a lot because it's refreshing."

He adds, "I've given you that vibe where it feels like a vacation."

BLESSWELL products and the accompanied guided meditation are available online beginning May 21.

The entire BLESSWELL line includes: Blue Charcoal Face Mask, Conditioning Beard Oil, Daily Moisturizer, Facial Cleaning Scrub, Lathering Body Wash, and Ultimate Shave Cream – all with 300mg of CBD.

DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled
| Credit: BlessWell

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The facial scrub is the music moguls favorite as he says it feels like taking a shower outside at a hotel in a tropical location.

"They always have like, a beautiful color soap, or like a body wash," he tells PEOPLE. "And you don't even know what it is, but it smells so good. You're taking a shower and you're just vibing and you feel so good."

"But when you go home, it's not like that. So I want to make it like that every day, when we have to go to work, when we come home, not just on vacation. So I made this product to feel like that. Like, I've given you that vibe where it feels like a vacation."