Learn more about Disneybounding and find out how you can emulate your favorite Frozen 2 characters including Anna, Elsa, Hans and Olaf

By Katie Intner
November 29, 2019 03:00 PM

Frozen 2 made history grossing a staggering $350.2 million over its opening weekend and naturally, fans are looking to dress up as Elsa or Anna during their next trip to a Disney park. But due to a strict rule thwarting adults from dressing as characters at any resort, not everyone can emulate their Frozen favorites. Luckily, Disneybounders have found a loophole.

Disneybounders is a term used to used to describe people who create DIY Disney-inspired looks as a tribute to their favorite characters to wear within the parks. They do this by sticking to an on-theme color palette or finding items in their own closet that closely resemble those of a Disney character.

The reason Disney parks don’t allow anyone over 14 to dress up in the characters’ official costumes is to avoid confusion among young visitors who would potentially come across multiples of their favorite princes and princesses.

Celebrities have even jumped on the bandwagon like John Stamos’s wife, Caitlin McHugh, 31, who got engaged and honeymooned at Disneyland, and always visits the parks dressed in her Disneybound best.

She has dressed up as Mickey by wearing red button-up shorts and a black top, Woody from Toy Story, Snow White and many, many other Disney favorites, which she shares on her popular Instagram account, @caitlinskybound.

Pioneering the Disneybound trend is Leslie Kay, who started a blog and Instagram account, which boasts 270,000 followers, with the same name.

“I was literally Disney bound — headed to Disney World,” Kay told Today.com in October 2018. “I started creating these outfits for Disney characters based off what they might wear when they are going to school or the mall. The first one I posted was Rapunzel … my blog followers jumped from a couple hundred to tens of thousands in the first month and the rest is history.”

Kay uses her Instagram to highlight uber-creative Disneybounders, and suggest outfits for fans who want to join the club.

To create a homemade Anna from Frozen costume, Kay suggests a denim embroidered mini skirt from Topshop, black T-shirt from Macy’s and purple cardigan from Amazon.

Elsa fans can opt for a blue strappy dress, periwinkle shall sweater, metallic silver ankle boots and a snowflake handbag.

For Hans, she suggests wearing a navy jumpsuit, with a white tuxedo blazer with black piping, black patent boots, a purple neck scarf and gold accessories.

And to emulate everyone’s favorite, Olaf, go with an all-white outfit, including a white cardigan, white shirt, white skinny jeans, white sneakers, brown watch, snowflake earrings and an Olaf-inspired bag.