The rapper made a bold new addition to his ink collection, inspired by a classic work of religious art

By Emily Kirkpatrick
June 14, 2017 09:45 AM
Sean Diddy Combs/Twitter; Kevin Winter/Getty

Sean “Diddy” Combs is not a man who has ever done anything in his life haphazardly. From his impeccably put together ensembles composed exclusively out of the finest luxury brands and expansive alcohol empire, to his multi-decade spanning career and the absurdly A-list company he keeps, there’s nothing particularly casual or slapdash about the way the rapper goes about his everyday business. And if his arrival on the Met Gala steps was any indication, he’s also a person who undoubtedly knows how to curate a major moment. So naturally, when he decided to get a new tattoo, Diddy was not messing around.

The musician shared the latest addition to his collection of body art on Twitter, posting a photo of his back and writing, “I got the front And She got my BACK!!!” giving a shoutout to the tattoo artist who brought this whole work of art to life, Nikko Hurtado. The tattoo covering his entire back from right below the Basquiat “King of Kings” tattoo on his neck down to his waistline features the image of the Madonna and child clothed in ornate robes with large crowns upon their heads and angels on either side.

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Some of his followers on Twitter questioned the manner in which the musician chose to depict these two biblical figures, but as it turns out the piece Diddy got permanently etched onto his back actually seems to have some deep historical resonance.

The back piece appears to be an homage to a well known copy of the oldest known Ethiopian painting of the Mother and Child or Theotokos which dates back to the 15th Century. It also bears similar iconography to The Black Madonna of Częstochowa, also from around that time period. The choice of tattoo also isn’t particularly surprising given Diddy posted a very similar image just three days before his decision to make his appreciation for this piece of art permanent.

But all of this can really be summed simply using Diddy’s own favorite hashtag, the same one he applied to a group Met Gala photo he cropped Kendall and Kylie Jenner out of much to the delight of the internet. In other words, the Bad Boy’s latest piece of body art is nothing short of #BlackExcellence.

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