The reality starlet debuts a new 'do on Instagram


Jamie McCarthy/Getty; Courtesy Kendall Jenner

Rose Byrne isn’t the only one who changed up her hair on Emmys night. Little did we know that amidst all of the red-carpet hustle and bustle, 17-year-old Kendall Jenner was having a hair moment of her own: She debuted a significantly lighter hue on Instagram, and it looks like she chopped her locks, too.

Key phrase: looks like. While we can say with relative certainty that her locks are lighter, we’re not totally sure about the whole length thing. Sure, her locks look shorter — but Jenner could just be faking us out with some seriously creative posing.

And her cryptic Instagram caption isn’t helping the matter. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star completed her post with a sleepy-face emoji and a couple of “zzz’s.” Now, far be it from us to try to decode Kardashian/Jenner social media speak, but while we’re guessing that that may have been her subtle way of letting the world know that she was a bit bored with her go-to hue, it could also mean that the girl was just plain tired (and that we’re just plain overanalyzing). Which leaves us with only one choice: We’ll be keeping a close eye on her Instagram over the next couple of days to be sure she doesn’t post any other clues to help us solve the mane mystery.

What do you think? Do you think Jenner’s short hair is real or just the result of some seriously creative posing? And do you like her lighter hue?

–Annie Daly