Did Katie Leave 'The Bachelor' Because of Her Hair?

It sounds far-fetched, but it could be possible, a sociologist tells PEOPLE

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We know, we know, but stick with us.

So last night on The Bachelor, there was some drama when contestant Katie decided to leave the show. The 27-year-old yoga instructor from Woodstock, Ill. (who showed up on last week’s premiere sans shoes) seemed out of her comfort zone, and prior to the rose ceremony, told bachelor Sean Lowe she was outta there.

According to NYU sociologist Dr. Anna Akbari, whom we called upon last week to offer expert commentary, Katie might have left because she doesn’t have long, straight hair.

“All the girls have long, below-the-shoulder hair, except for one, Brooke,” Akbari tells PEOPLE. “This type of traditional femininity is the rule and the norm on The Bachelor — there doesn’t appear to be much room for androgyny or ‘edginess.'”

Curly-haired Katie, who declared “I don’t fit in” during a group date on Monday night, may have “felt like an outsider amongst the seas of smooth blowouts,” Akbari continues. “Perhaps sensing her aesthetic incompatibility — which may have linked with some intrinsic differences — Katie did not wait for the rose ceremony [to leave].”

Sure, it’s slightly shallow — but could it be true? Tell us: Why do you think Katie left? Could it, subconsciously, have to do with outward appearances?


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