Did the two starlets swap suits?

Splash News Online; Courtesy Julianne Hough

We were busy admiring Nina Dobrev’s bikini in this Star Tracks photo when we realized we were having major déja vu.

A quick glimpse at her beach buddy Julianne Hough‘s Instagram confirmed that we had seen that bikini somewhere else before — on Hough herself, two days earlier!

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Both starlets look equally fabulous (should that be ab-ulous?) in the floral Maya Swimwear style, whether striking a Baywatch pose or looking sheepish in front of a plate of pastries.

And while it’s totally conceivable that the the besties would go for the same suit while on a pre-vacation shopping spree, it’s also a strong possibility that they just decided to swap.

Tell us: Do you share clothes with your pals? What about swimsuits — or is that crossing a line?

–Alex Apatoff