"Am I crazy to post this?," the legendary fashion designer wrote on Instagram of her powerful swimsuit photo as she shared an important message with fans

By Kaitlyn Frey
January 04, 2021 11:14 AM
Credit: Diane von Furstenberg Instagram

Diane von Furstenberg is hitting back against ageism.

The iconic American fashion designer decided to show off her figure in a mirror selfie after taking a dip in the ocean as she cruised around the sea on a yacht to celebrate her recent 74th birthday.

"Am I crazy to post this ?" said a makeup-free von Furstenberg, wearing an emerald one-piece swimsuit. "Own your age ....it’s a proof you have lived ! Love to everyone ❤️😃."

The fashion icon's crew of famous friends were right there to tell her that posting the swimsuit selfie was a wonderful idea. "Beautiful !!!!! 😍," said Kris Jenner. The Real Housewives of Dallas star D'Andra Simmons said, "And you OWN IT very well!!"

Supermodel Lily Aldridge commented: "Crazy gorgeous!!!! Inside & out ❤️." Actress Andie MacDowell agreed. "Looking fantastic," she wrote.

The longtime advocate of female empowerment previously opened up to people about inspiring the next generation of enterprising women.

“The first advice I give anybody is that the most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself. And therefore you have to be very true to yourself, demanding on yourself, hard on yourself,” von Furstenberg said.

Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty

“I am a feminist, and I really want every woman to be strong and know that she can be the woman she wants to be and not a doll,” she said. “Happiness is not in fake [breasts].”

The fashion icon, who also launched her own podcast InCharge with DVF, airing every Thursday on Spotify, stays motivated to work in her 70s so more women can feel empowered to “be in charge" in their own lives.

"The truth is that being in charge is first and foremost, a commitment to yourself. It’s owning who you are. If you own your imperfections, they become your assets," von Furstenberg told PEOPLE. "If you own your vulnerability, it becomes your strength. So, it’s about the relationship you have with yourself, and it’s about your character, and it’s about all of that. So, that’s what being in charge is about."