Diane Kruger's Style Credo: 'There is Such a Thing as Too Much"

Steve Granitz/Getty

Diane Kruger knows what she does–and doesn’t!–like. Despite some serious red-carpet moxie, the star has perfected the art of never taking style over the top. “I never let clothes wear me,” she tells PEOPLE, explaining, “Above all, I dislike vulgarity. Being sexy is all good, but there is such a thing as too much.” And whether she’s dressed to the nines in angelic white Calvin Klein or airport chic in denim, the former runway queen admits to playing by her own rules when it comes to fashion and beauty. “I love to do my own make-up for red carpet events,” she says. “I find that less is more in terms of foundation, etcetera for me. And who knows my face better than me?” Though she admittedly owns “an embarrassing amount of make-up,” skincare in her first priority—even in the face of calamity. “The only things I would take with me to a desert island are sun block and hope for the best.” We’re pretty sure that even then, she’d look flawless. See more of Diane’s style favorites in the current issue of PEOPLE magazine. -– Justine Harman; reporting by Jackie Fields

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