Let the actress be a lesson to us all about making wagers involving permanent body modification
Closing Ceremony Red Carpet Arrivals - The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival
Credit: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

There’s no doubt that Diane Kruger is a risk taker. But usually, those risks are well-calculated ones reserved for the difficult, thought-provoking film roles she takes on and her always on-trend, yet rule-breaking sense of red carpet style. It seems, however, that the actress’s insatiable search for fresh challenges is beginning to infiltrate a few other aspects of her life outside of her wardrobe and career. Not only is Kruger playing a challenging new part in her film Into the Fade, taking home the Best Actress award from the Cannes Film Festival for the portrayal, but she might also be taking home a brand new tattoo because of it.

According to the Into the Fade director Fatih Akin, speaking with the AFP, several months ago prior to the announcement of the film festival’s line-up, Diane made a bet with Fatih that their film would never make it into the competition at Cannes, let alone win an award. She wagered that if it did manage to exceed her expectations she would gladly consent to get a traditional anchor tattoo permanently etched on her person.

And as it turns out, not only did the film make it into competition, but Kruger also picked up an award for her part playing a woman who vows revenge after her family is brutally murdered in a Neo-Nazi terrorist attack. That means the actress better start brainstorming where exactly on her body she wants to get that new ink. Especially since Akin already has a tattoo studio in mind, telling the AFP, “It’s not far from where I live (in Hamburg). There’s good!” At least Diane only wagered an anchor, it could be something much worse. For example, she could have agreed to get a hyper-realistic illustration of Fatih’s face across her back, Steve-o style.

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