Diane Kruger on Her Strongest Feature: My Bold Brows Give Me Character

The star talks beauty, cats and Karl Lagerfeld

While most actresses enlist glam squads and stylists to get red carpet ready, Diane Kruger has quietly learned how to prep (she does her own makeup) and dress (she hand picks designs) herself — and quite well, as she regularly tops our Best Dressed lists.

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But in order to create the beauty looks we so often see the star sport for the cameras, Kruger cites two very different iconic women as her inspiration: Audrey Hepburn and Courtney Love. The 39-year-old actress also uses tips and tricks she’s picked up from her years on the runway.

“I was always surrounded by great makeup artists when I was modeling and learned a lot from them,” she said in an interview with The Violet Files. “I try not to overdo it and let the dress do all the talking.”

She added that, most of the time, she lets her strongest features — those bold brows — take center stage when she gets glammed up. “I’m really not into contouring and heavy foundation, but I have a pretty thick brow naturally and find that it gives me a lot of character.”

Diane Kruger for The Violet Files

The Violet Files/David Bellemere

Kruger also opened up to the e-mag’s October issue about her early experiences as an actor — and how making the move from the modeling industry to the big screen was nothing short of terrifying.

“Don’t be scared to be scared,” she said. “A veteran actress said it to me on my first job as an actress. I was scared and froze and I was mortified. It made no sense then, but I understand it now and it’s true.”

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Diane Kruger for The Violet Files

The Violet Files/David Bellemere

And since switching roles from supermodel to superstar actress, Kruger said her relationship with the fashion world, specifically with Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, has only matured over time.

“I met Karl when I was 16 and, as you can imagine, I was very intimidated, but he was just very kind, encouraging and funny,” she confessed. “Since I’ve become an actress, we’re collaborating more and we’re neighbors in Paris. His studio is literally next door and I drop by when he’s working all night.”

And while the two generally bond over their love of couture, Kruger says she and Lagerfeld tend to chat more about their furry friends than anything else. “It’s always nice to talk to another cat lady,” she said. “Karl politely tells me Hobbes [her cat] is cute, even though he’s probably appalled at how tubby he is.”

What is your makeup mantra? Do you prefer strong brows like Diane? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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