Everything You Need to Know About the KarJenners' Lavish Glam Rooms, Straight from Their Interior Designer

Their spaces are way more tricked out than you think

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The KarJenners spend 50 percent of their time getting ready. We see them with their hair and makeup already done on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, they show off their looks on Instagram, and share how-tos on Snapchat and their websites. It’s become part of their brands. And while they spend hours in their glam rooms, we never really get to see much of their beauty spaces, which are equipped to rival an actual salon.

So to get the backstory behind these rooms — or sanKtuaries — we spoke to Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the designer responsible for Khloé and Kourtney‘s rooms, as well as Kris and Kendall‘s new spaces, which are currently in the works (he also designed Kris’s new Birkin bag closet). Bullard shared the secrets behind these rooms, which also happen to be some of the most customized areas in their homes. Here, all of the details that go into the design, because as he puts it, “The world is our oyster, and I’m fishing for Kardashian pearls.”

1. Before he begins designing, Bullard gets a feel for their individual styles.

“Kendall is cool and hip and her vibe is so amazing, so her glam room is more of a cool space, rather than being very serious,” he explains to PeopleStyle of the design. “Whereas for Khloé, it’s a serious space with serious accessories, a big chandelier… the room itself feels very glamorous. The new room we’re doing for Kris is a very beautiful space. It’s dramatic and ultra modern, which is a new look for her, but it’s also super luxurious.”

2. Then he meets with their glam squads.

“The starting point is to make sure that I take a meeting with their makeup artists to understand exactly what each of the girls needs, what they expect out of their glam room.”

3. Everything, down to the exact height of the chair, is spec’d out to each star’s personal needs.

“We work out specifications for the glam chairs, to make sure that for Kim or Khloé, Kourtney, Kris or Kendall, each one has their specific chair made for their exact height, so that the back hits them properly, and so it’s the right comfort level. It’s a very personal thing.”

4. Lighting is the most important detail in the room.

“For makeup, particularly for TV makeup and for their red carpet makeup, we have to have perfect lighting. You have to be lit in a way that the girls makeup will look correct under TV lights or under the natural lighting. We use a particular diffused light bulb that have special fittings made to fit them into. We have to have prefect equal lighting on either side of the face, but we make sure there’s no lighting above their heads because that is the worst thing you can ever do in a makeup room. We don’t want any shadows, we need pure, pure lighting for that good well made-up look.”

5. And each beauty product has its own individual spot.

“There’s a compartmental top drawer that comes in, and we perfectly line the drawers for every particular lipstick or mascara, so everything is carefully and orderly set up with little divisions that are made in plexiglass. All the makeup is divided perfectly and all those things are done in precise custom cabinetry.”

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6. But they have much less makeup than you’d expect.

“You’d be surprised, because there’s not that much makeup. They have favorites, and they like to stick to them, and then excess makeup is actually brought in by the makeup artists, so it’s not tons of makeup that’s kept in the glam rooms.”

7. The rooms are equipped for long hours in the chair.

“If they’re in a long makeup session, they’ve got a TV that sits in view of the mirror. Every single detail is to make the experience as luxurious as possible. This is literally a place where the beginning of their day of work happens. And that’s why we pay so much attention to details that make it comfortable, so the makeup thing doesn’t become a chore. It’s something they enjoy and so they can go forward from that to film and shoot.”

8. A lot of time — and money — goes into the design.

“We use sapphire glass mirrors, which is the finest, cleanest and purest mirror. So all those things do come at a price point. And time wise, it takes a lot of time because everything is detailed, from the exact size of a lipstick mold for a drawer to the perfect scale of a chair. So it’s not something you can turn around in a week. Sometimes these things take up to three months to perfect.”

9. Which is why finding the perfect piece isn’t an easy task.

“Kris’s room is an explosive, fabulous, monochromatic moment, painted in black gloss with crystal mirrors, 1960’s sconces and really cool mid-century art pieces. I literally flew to NYC just to look at a particular chandelier in a store for her glam room. We also make sure that the glam rooms feel like an extension of the house. In Khloé’s, we’ve got some great photography, there’s a great Marilyn Monroe image, she’s got some really beautiful art objects in there, because it’s a direct flow from her house, so she wants that flavor to continue in all of her spaces.”

10. Everyone likes to get ready at Khloé’s house.

“Because Khloé and Kourtney live directly next to each other, Kourtney likes to get ready at Khloé’s,” Bullard explains adding that her room has four stations in case of visitors. “Khloé’s house becomes a hub for the family to get ready. Kourtney comes over there a lot, Kim comes over there a lot, for some reason they all like to go over to Khloé’s and get ready together.”

11. That’s why her glam room is the biggest — and “would make for a very good-sized bedroom in a normal person’s life.”

Need we say more?

Which detail are you most surprised by? Sound off below.

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