Designer Norma Kamali Announces Engagement at 75: 'We All Have a Different Timeline'

The designer revealed that an astrologer in 1970 correctly predicted she would meet her soulmate at 65 years old

Norma Kamali
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For fashion designer Norma Kamali, age is just a number.

During an Instagram Live conversation with The WIE Suite founder Dee Poku on Thursday, Kamali revealed that she recently got engaged to partner Marty Edelman and will be tying the knot at 75 years old.

The designer, known for her iconic Sleeping Bag coat, explained that she is "so happy" to be taking this next step at her age, even if society thinks otherwise.

"We all have our own calendar, we all have a different timeline of when things are supposed to happen," she explained.

Norma Kamali, Marty Edelman
Marty Edelman and Norma Kamali. Shahar Azran/WireImage

Kamali shared that her astrologer actually predicted that she would meet her soulmate later in life.

"My astrologer in 1970 told me, she said, ‘Oh this is what’s gonna happen in your career and when you’re 65 you’ll meet your soulmate.’ I said ‘Oh no no no. No, you’re wrong,'" Kamali recalled.

Nevertheless, the astrologer was right, at "65, I met my soulmate," Kamali said.

She went on to share that "through COVID we really spent so much time together so he proposed on my birthday, so we’re getting married."

"At 75, I’m getting married," she said with a smile.

Kamali explained that she doesn't see her situation as abnormal. "For me, I can't even perceive age, " she said.

She and Poku also discussed how Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is an inspiration, as she didn't meet her husband Doug Emhoff until she was 48.

The two were set up by a mutual friend in 2013 and married in August 2014, after Emhoff proposed in Harris' apartment four months earlier.

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"Kamala brought attention to the fact that 48 is just, you’re on your way," Kamali said.

While the designer said she "did not want to hear" that she would meet her soulmate at 65, it turned out to be exactly what she needed.

She admitted, "I am so happy because I wasn’t ready before that."

Kamali, who famously designed Farrah Fawcett's iconic red swimsuit, was previously married for 10 years to her ex-business partner, Eddie Kamali, whom she wed at 19.

During the Instagram Live interview, Kamali also spoke about her new book, I Am Invincible, (available for pre-order) where she shares words of wisdom on work, love, health and more for every decade of life to help readers have their own "invincible" moments.

"[It's] a handbook for women and it's about aging with power," she explains. "There's never been a handbook, I've never had a handbook in my life, and I always wished, 'Will someone write a book about 40? Will someone write a handbook about 30? So I put this together so whatever I can share or whatever I learned, maybe there's a tip you can pick up on."

I Am Invincible is available February 2.

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