The Project Runway alum is taking shots at a former client who ignored his call for help during the COVID-19 pandemic


Fashion designer Michael Costello has been a leader within the fashion industry’s pivot to making face masks and protective gear for first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when enlisting some help from one of hos famous clients (the industry star works with a number of actors, celebrities and influencers), Costello claims he was ignored.

The Project Runway star took to Instagram on Tuesday with a statement that read, “Remember how every time you needed a dress, I would instantly drop everything to prioritize you? I would stop all my projects to make you something special last minute? Sometimes even within the same day? Now I ask you for help to give back to our community yet you leave me on ‘seen.'” (On ‘seen’ refers to the word that appears underneath an Instagram direct message, alerting the person who send the DM that it has been read.)

While Costello did not name the client, nor specify if he was referring to more than one, he did, however, make it clear that this is most likely the end of their business relationship.

“So now you don’t need a dress because we are all stuck in our living rooms with nowhere to go…” he wrote. “Just know that I will always remember the night I asked you for a little help and you left me on seen. The next time you need my help, just don’t feel sad when I pretend like I didn’t see you[sic] message either.”

The designer concluded the message with the sign-off, “Xoxoxo petty bitch.”

After his fellow Project Runway alum Christian Siriano offered to begin production of masks for frontline workers in N.Y.C., Costello jumped into action, asking how he could help as well. Since then, Costello has posted a number of photos detailing his team’s continued production and donation of non-surgical grade masks, including customized masks for businesses like FedEx.

Only days ago, Costello announced to Instagram followers that, to help reach his goal of donating a million masks, he is now selling water-resistant and machine-washable face masks that can go over N95 or KN95 masks to the public at For every mask sold, two masks will be donated to the hospital of your choosing.

“We really appreciate your help in our Million Masks Mission, where for each mask sold, we are donating 2 to over 500+ hospitals, precincts, and more in the U.S.”