This home will you have you booking your next Airbnb in the Hamptons stat

By Briana Draguca
August 03, 2017 05:25 PM

Legendary designer Elie Tahari has an eye for creating beautiful clothing so it’s no surprise that his Hamptons home is just as elegant as his designs. The designer of the global fashion empire invited NBC’s Open House to see what makes his beach barn the ultimate oasis. (Warning: You’ll have the urge to book a vacation after watching the video above.)

Located in Sagaponack, New York, Tahari’s house perfectly blends comfort with style. Tahari wanted to create an “earthy” vibe in his 200-year-old barn turned beach house, where there are no boundaries between his living space and the nature surrounding him. “I like the mixture of glass and the very rustic old barn, such as the glass wall from floor to ceiling holding the inside of the barn,” he says. “It gives it this feeling that you are outdoors.”

Tahari’s living room is the principal room his barn is designed around. “When I walk in this room, the energy is what grabs me. It is meant to entertain,” he explains of the welcoming space. This part of his home has everything you need for hosting the best summer soirées: a modern kitchen, a fireplace to keep guests warm on chilly summer nights, and a dining room overlooking the picturesque view of the ocean.

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As Tahari heads upstairs to his bedroom, he brings us into his favorite part of the house. The vibe transforms the home from an entertainment pad into a peaceful getaway personally created for Tahari’s enjoyment. Fully equipped with a marble bathroom and his own terrace for soaking up the sun, his bedroom provides a secluded area for the designer to unwind. His muted color scheme and light wood furniture maintains the rustic feel seen in the lower level of the barn and the soothing environment perfectly compliments the serenity of the beach in his backyard. “Some nights the stars are so bright, you feel like you’re touching it,” Tahari says of his view.

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