The singer reveals in Glamour's March cover story that she feels confident making choices that are "going to make me the happiest"

Demi Lovato's never shied away from switching up her look. But there's a deeper reason behind the singer's ever-changing hairstyles.

When Lovato, 28, chopped her hair into a pixie cut last fall (she's since shaved the sides and dyed her whole head pink), the singer was able to break free of the "heteronormative box" she felt stuck in for many years, she revealed in the March cover story for Glamour. But it wasn't always easy for the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer to feel confident about making bold beauty changes.

"My fans react when I color my hair. If they didn't like it, I saw it," Lovato told the magazine, referencing an instance when she faced criticism for dyeing her hair pink in 2014. "It reignited that fear inside of me of being who I really am."

Demi Lovato
Credit: Demi Lovato/Instagram

Now that Lovato's comfortable showing the world her true self, she admits she has even more plans for her hair: shaving it all off.

"I am now making choices — for the day, and then the future — about what it is I want and what's going to make me the happiest," the singer told Glamour.

demi lovato
Credit: Amanda Charchian

During the interview, Lovato also spoke candidly about how her past experiences have helped her understand her sexuality and find a "sense of relief." Reflecting on her recent engagement to Max Ehrich, which the pair called off in September two months after Ehrich proposed, Lovato said the brief relationship was extremely eye-opening for her in terms of her sexuality. The star says she "started realizing how queer [she] really [is]" as she continued to get older.

"This past year, I was engaged to a man and when it didn't work, I was like, 'This is a huge sign,'" she explained. "I thought I was going to spend my life with someone. Now that I wasn't going to, I felt this sense of relief that I could live my truth."