We break down the famous family's feeds

By Brittany Talarico
June 09, 2016 10:35 PM

Combined, the KarJenners have enough Instagram followers to inhabit a new continent. And the members of the first family of reality TV know how to harness their social media powers, whether it’s introducing a new product, showing off their glam squads or just posting a semi nude selfie because they feel like posting a semi nude selfie. (We’re looking at you Kim!)

Thanks to the team at Internet marketing firm Dash Hudson, we broke down Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Khloé, Kourtney and even Kris’ feeds to see who the real queen of Instagram is. The findings? They’re all rulers of the empire and worthy of their own superlatives.

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Most Popular: Kim Kardashian
Total followers (at current time): 73 million
At one time Kim had the most followers on Instagram, later to be trumped by female powerhouse singers Selena Gomez (83.1 million), Taylor Swift (80.5 million) and Ariana Grande (74.5 million). But she still holds down the top spot in her family, as well as the highest growth rate of followers, gaining 3,248,010 new fans in the past four weeks, a growth rate of 4.66%.

Most Post-Happy: Kylie Jenner
Total followers (at current time): 63.2 million
Kylie averages 34 posts per week and has an average likes per post of 979,245. (Remember: She has a lot of lip kits to sell.) Kris follows Kylie with 19 posts per week, where as Kim posts 11 and Kendall only posts on average 7.

Most Well-Rounded Feed: Kendall Jenner
Total followers (at current time): 58.8 million
She may fall third in follower count, but the supermodel averages 1,189,111 likes per post (the highest of all her family), has an engagement rate of 2.56% and has gained over 2 million followers in the past month. She even had the most liked Instagram photo (the heart hair one above topping out at about 3.5 million likes!) until Justin Bieber posted this kissing photo of him and Selena, and she was dethroned.

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Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Khloé Kardashian
Total followers (at current time): 50.4 million
Khloé is all about the feedspo! Whether it’s her body positive workout posts, her empowering quotes or her kreations in the kitchen (she posts on average 15 times per week!), the star is living her best life right now and everyone is watching.

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Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian/Instaggram

The Pioneer/Most Likely to Succeed: Kourtney Kardashian
Total followers (at current time): 41.2 million
Even though she’s trailing behind in follower count, Kourtney is the master behind the #Triplegram and has the second highest growth rate (Kim is #1) gaining 1,782,071 in the past month.

The Underdog: Kris Jenner
Total followers (at current time): 13.3
#ProudMomma’s posts perform best when they feature her kids or grandchildren. And she has a higher engagement rate (at 1.25%) than Khloé and Kourtney.

–Brittany Talarico