By Kate Hogan
Updated September 20, 2012 08:00 PM

Courtesy One Kings Lane

Interested in sleeping in Courteney Cox‘s bed? On Busy Philipps’s couch? No, we’re not suggesting you break into their houses and get creepy — but we are thinking you should shop the Cougar Town stars’ home goods sale Thursday night on flash sale site One Kings Lane. Both women donated furniture and décor from their own homes — and chose some new pieces, too — for a sale to benefit the L.A.-based charity Art of Elysium.

Picking items to add to the pot was easy for Philipps, she tells PEOPLE. “When my husband and I got married and melded our households together, there were several things that, though we loved them dearly, just didn’t have a place in our house together,” she explains.

“So those were really the things I put toward the sale — a coffee table from my old house, my husband’s couch from his bachelor pad, which I so clearly remember sitting on and eating Pinkberry,” Philipps continues. “These things had no home, so this was a perfect way to part with them. Hopefully they’ll find a new, loving home and a great charity will make some money from that, too.”

Highlights include the aforementioned couch ($3,500, above), a ceremonial Chinese bed from Cox ($7,000) and some vintage Barbie lithographs from Philipps ($90 each) … but of course the biggest highlight of all is the fact that Art of Elysium will benefit from the sale.

“Once I became a mother, children’s charities spoke to me,” Philipps shares. “What Art of Elysium does is wonderful, brining artists into hospitals and enhancing the children’s time there, breaking up the monotony. I find it to be really incredible.”

Shop Cox and Philipps’s picks on One Kings Lane on Thursday night starting at 9 p.m. ET.

–Kate Hogan