Debra Messing may have some of the best hair in Hollywood (check out those waves), but the actress tells PEOPLE a major chop is not out of the question.

Debra Messing


“There are moments when I have a fantasy of getting a pixie cut, like Robin Wright on House of Cards,” says Messing. “Like that is so chic. But obviously I don’t have her face, so that’s a problem. But I’m very open to wigs, I think wigs are spectacular. You can try out a million different looks and not have any regrets the next morning.”

The one time Messing did go short (she sported a lob a few years ago), fans weren’t so supportive. “I loved it,” she explains. “But a lot of people sort of went crazy and lost their minds and were like, ‘You can’t do that. You’re known for your long hair, that’s just not right.'”

While we’ll wait patiently for her Claire Underwood reveal, one hairstyle she’ll never go back to is her 1980s perm — “that was kind of tragic,” she says.

As for her beauty regimen, Messing explains how spring is particularly challenging when it comes to getting a clear complexion. “I’ve been a life long allergy sufferer, and before I discovered Zyrtec I dreaded it,” she shares. “I dreaded it. And it was miserable; I felt miserable. I didn’t look good because I was having allergy attacks all the time, and I’d have a red nose and sleepy red eyes and it was really unattractive.”

So when it comes to surviving the pollen-filled season, she recommends stocking up on four things: Zyrtec (which she explains “changed her life”), waterproof mascara, saline drops (which she “bathes” her eyes in) and drinking “tons and tons” of water.

And while she swears by some high-end must-haves, (YSL mascara, Cle de Peau concealer, Nars foundation and her “can’t live without” Stila convertible color blushes), Messing still loves drugstore finds.

“I think Aquaphor for me is kind of the miracle product,” she says. “It works for everything. There’s also a tinted lip balm by Maybelline that I always have with me. It just adds a little bit of peach color but it’s really moisturizing. It’s really easy and quick.”

Do you think Messing could pull off a pixie? Are you going to follow her tips to survive allergy season? Share with us below.

–Colleen Kratofil

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