October 17, 2007 04:00 PM

Brian Ach/WireImage

Korres Natural Products, the popular Greek beauty brand that began in with the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens, is setting its first flagship store in New York City’s SoHo. E! Entertainment’s Debbie Matenopolous was on hand to help open the store last week, as she has been a fan of the all-natural line for about two years. Debbie admits that the Greek writing on the bottle caught her eye, but that once she tried the products she was hooked! The host tells PEOPLE, “I have a reaction to a lot of makeup, my skin starts to get a rash, but I never had a problem with Korres — I am a huge fan of the line.” And that’s not all. The line reminds Debbie “of the homopathic stuff my mom would use when we were in Greece for the summers growing up. When I used to sunburn, she would put Greek yogurt on my face and it would act as a cooling gel — and Korres has the same thing in a bottle! Since my family is on the East Coast, and I am over in L.A. it made me feel connected.” See the new SoHo store and learn all about Korres Natural products at korres.com.

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