Dear Stars, Stop Trying to Make Turtlenecks Happen

Stars are trying to bring back turtlenecks and we have a lot of feelings about the matter.

It has come to our attention that turtlenecks are making a resurgence. So far, we’ve spotted them on only a handful of stars and we don’t want to be alarmist, but trends have a tendency to spread quickly — especially if big-name celebs (like those below) are sporting them. Which is why we want to nip this look in the bud before it gets out of control.

stars turtlenecks

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Listen, we acknowledge there are situations that call for a turtleneck — skiing in negative temps, hiding a hickey from your parents in high school, dressing up as Steve Jobs for Halloween — but the red carpet is not one of those situations. It’s just that there are so many more flattering neckline options out there. Take Marion Cotillard, whose Christian Dior dress would have earned more than a 6 percent approval rating had it been a simple V-neck LBD.

Jennifer Hudson‘s mock turtleneck is much subtler than Cotillard’s version and it actually doesn’t bother us too much, but we maintain that her look would have been even cooler if the top featured a simple crew-neck.

Then we have Carmen Electra and Nicole Richie (to whom we give a pass because she’s the queen of envelope-pushing trends), two ladies going full-force funnel and drawing even more attention to the area in question by layering chain necklaces over the tops. Our only explanation is that they’re drawing style inspiration from Lonely Island’s hit “Turtleneck and Chain.”

Whatever the explanation for the comeback of this shirt style (in whatever form it comes in), our hope is that this is just a blip and soon stars will return to plunging necklines, button-downs, basic tees, even air ties.

What do you think of the turtleneck trend? Are you with us or are you into the look?

–Zoë Ruderman (who might have such a strong opinion on the matter because her mother dressed her nearly exclusively in turtlenecks for a good portion of her childhood)

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