David Dobrik Announces New Fragrance Brand David's Perfume: 'It Really Takes You by Surprise'

The YouTuber will release two scents: "David's Perfume #01" and "David's Perfume #02" on October 2.

David Dobrik
Photo: David Lekach

David Dobrik is adding an unexpected new title to his resume: perfumer.

The YouTuber announced the launch of his fragrance brand David’s Perfume, with Flower Shop Perfumes Co. on Tuesday. Two scents: “David’s Perfume #01” and “David’s Perfume #02” will be released on October 2.

In keeping with the perfume’s slogan, “Elegant Yet Unexpected,” Dobrik, 24, tells PEOPLE a mysterious, nice-smelling stranger inspired the brand.

“I met somebody that had this certain smell on them that I just completely fell in love with,” he says. “I was just obsessed with the smell … it wasn't cliche, like Axe Body Spray or Old Spice, it was this very fresh scent.”

He continues: “I honestly thought I discovered a new smell, I got so excited about it and thought, 'I want to be able to bring this kind of understated, nice smell to my audience, like to a younger crowd.'”

David Dobrik
David Lekach

Though Dobrik won’t reveal the mystery muse who inspired the perfume, he’s excited to talk about the process behind it.

David’s Perfume took about a year and a half to create, including several trips to the International Flavors & Fragrances House, where Dobrik and his friends, famously known as the Vlog Squad, spent hours pairing and testing different smells together.

“I started with my favorite scent, which didn’t really help because it’s a Sharpie and air fresheners,” Dobrik jokes.

They used the perfume David initially became a fan of and broke it apart into its different scents, removing some and enhancing others.

The result was two scents: “David’s Perfume #01” and “David’s Perfume #02.” They come in sleek black and clear bottles, respectively. #01 is the more masculine scent, throwing off amber and cashmere, while #02 is a pink fragrance with brighter notes of grapefruit and sandalwood. Each 2.0 fl. oz. (60 ml) spray bottle costs $60.

David Dobrik
Flower Shop Perfumes Co.

Dobrik says that both men and women have gravitated toward the #01 scent, however.

“The perfume feels very proper, but it really takes you by surprise,” he says. "It’s not what you’re going to expect it smells like, but you’re really going to love it.”

There’s no “right” scenario or outfit to pair the perfume with either, Dobrik adds.

“It’s definitely a scent, too, that over time it gets better, initially sometimes you don’t even smell it and then four or five hours in the day, you’ll start getting good whiffs of it,” he says.

Dobrik has kept busy during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a myriad of other projects like making TikToks and filming his new show, Dodgeball Thuderdome.

Fans are waiting with bated breath for his next YouTube video (the last one was posted 5 months ago), but Dobrik says he’s waiting for the world to get to a “a more open place” amid the pandemic, and will hopefully resume making wild, funny videos early next year.

“There's something about this time period that I don’t really want to remember and therefore I don't really want to document,” he shares. “I went to the grocery store the other day and I almost started tearing up because it's such a sad sight to see everybody wearing masks ... so I'm waiting for that to get better.”

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