The star talks fashion, style and his wife's success

By Alex Apatoff
September 10, 2014 04:56 PM

David Beckham‘s long career has been punctuated by some truly memorable style moments, but he says he wouldn’t take any of them back — not even that infamous sarong. “That’s one thing I never regret! I thought it looked great and I would still wear it now!” he told ITV’s Lorraine. “That’s what’s great about fashion. Over the years … everybody looks back at old pictures of themselves and thinks … ‘What was I thinking?’”

Carlo Allegri/Reuters/Landov

Of course, Beckham gets some very hands-on fashion advice from his wife, designer Victoria Beckham. “She has opinions to what I wear. I’m my own person so I think if something looks good then I’ll wear it but … When you’re in a relationship, when you are married, you trust their judgement and she’s got a pretty good eye,” he says, adding, “I’m very proud of what she’s achieved, what she’s done. To go from being a Spice Girl [in] the biggest girl band in history then to being respected in the fashion industry that’s something that doesn’t happen overnight, so to see the scale of what she’s achieved and what she’s created is special.”

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He shows that support from the front row at her fashion shows (see above). This year, he left daughter Harper at home, but brought son Brooklyn, 15, whom Beckham says also appreciates his mom’s hard work. “He seemed to enjoy it, he was definitely looking at the clothes and the girls walking around,” says Beckham. “He’s very proud of what his mum’s achieved as well and I think Victoria is even more proud to have him sat in the front row watching the show.”

But don’t look to Beckham to rival his wife and daughter (whom he says takes 20 minutes every morning to decide what to wear!) in the wardrobe department. “I just wear the same things every day, I’m always in black jeans, black T-shirt and my go-to boots,” he says. “I have got more than one black T-shirt though and one black pair of jeans!”

What do you think — is there anything you regret in your past? Or do you agree with Beckham’s wardrobe philosophy?

–Alex Apatoff


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