The star tries something new

Not surprising: David Beckhamtakes offhis shirt to shill another product (in this case, it’s an ad for his David Beckham Classic fragrance). Slightly more surprising: He gets up close and personal with himself as his own interview subject to discuss the fragrance.

Sample question: David, “you’ve changed the attitude of men towards grooming and cosmetics. How important is grooming to you?” And the answer? Well, David, “I think it’s important to always look after yourself whatever your age. For me it feels instinctive and I don’t wear something because of what anyone would think.”

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Other tidbits he shares with himself: his wife Victoria is responsible for his style transformation. “I’ve always had a liking toward clothes, but when I met Victoria, she directed me in the right way. When she tells me something doesn’t look good, I believe her. We have a connection that way,” he says.

Does he think he’s good looking? “No, not really,” he tells himself, “But I like to think I’ve got my own distinct look, which reflects who I am as a person and the way I evolve as a man.”

Finally, he informs himself that he’s just like most other guys in terms of cologne usage. “I wear it on the same occasions as most men: after training, after a shower, when I’m going out…” he shares.

Tell us: What do you think of Beckham’s self-interview? Or would you rather just watch that video above on mute?

–Alex Apatoff